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First Aid Courses

Every Second Counts in a First Aid Situation,Would you know what to do?

Understanding the key principles in Basic Life Support will make the difference in giving a casualty the best chance of survival. These basic principles include identifying the conscious state of a person who has collapsed, are they responsive?, can they breathe? what bodily position is best for the condition they are in?.

These are the foundations of our training broken down step-by-step and highly practical so whether you are a workplace first aid officer, a fitness instructor, aged care worker or even a new parent, you will understand these life saving techniques and if the unfortunate should arise, you are prepared with the skills and knowledge to assist others with confidence and without delay.

Our Latest State-of-the-Art Training Manikins

How would you know how much to compress the chest of an adult, child or infant? We take the guess work out of our training and utilise the latest technology in real-life, real-time monitoring and feedback of compressions performed.

Our training manikins include light indicators to give you instant feedback of the quality of compressions by measuring depth and speed. If too slow, too fast or not deep enough, the light indicators will let you know so that you can correct your technique.

Defibrillator Training With A Difference

Having a defibrillator (AED) onsite at your workplace will increase the chances of survival in a person who has collapse and stopped breathing, especially if they have suffered sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Rather than learning how to use a defibrillator on a generic "one size fits all" style unit, we can train you and your staff on the exact brand that looks, sounds and feels like your exact product.

Build the confidence of your team using the same style defibrillator so they know what to expect in a real life situation, reducing unnecessary stress and panic where it is not needed.

Our defibrillator training brands include: Heartstart, Cardiac Science, Zoll and Heartsine units

Train at our venues or at your Workplace

With training venues in Sydney CBD, Granville and Liverpool, we make getting to our courses easy. Located closed to public transport and parking friendly locations for those who prefer to drive. Our basic to advanced courses, dates and costs can be located here

We specialise in onsite training at the convenience of your workplace. All training equipment and resources will be supplied with our highly reputable training team. All training is tailored to your workplace needs and scenarios are based around your industry and potential incidents that could arise.

Ask our bookings team about our unbeatable price cap when it comes to workplace first aid training. You will be suprised at the savings.

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